S.C.I.A.F. Visit


We were delighted to welcome Mary and Mercy to our school Assembly, along with Gemma and Karina from SCIAF.

Mary Jackson was the face of SCIAF during the 2015 Wee Box Appeal during Lent.

Mary lives with her four children in Malawi. Through the support of SCIAF, Mary has been given the skills and tools to grow crops including maize, corn and peanuts. She sells the crops and roasted peanuts, and is able to earn enough money to send her children to school to get a good education.

She has a much better life now, thanks to the support of SCIAF.

We were able to ask Mary questions about her lifestyle, her home and her children. She gave us a very interesting insight into her life in Malawi.

Mercy works for Caritas Malawi, which is very similar to SCIAF.

We felt very privileged to have Mary and Mercy in our school, and we will keep in touch with them.